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Creative Direction

First impressions matter, Omni Lab can help to create something visually powerful and enchanting, whether you are looking for direction on product design or interior direction.


We love a good story, and we're here to make sure you're the hero. Captivate your audience with your journey, your story is unique and whether up or down, authenticity and truth and consistency reigns supreme.


Our motto: Through sound and spectacle describes our sensibility. We like to cause a scene in the best way possible. 


Working with brands to take the chevy to the levy. Advising and discussing strategies, design, future plans and how to put words and ideas into motion. 



Social Media

We handle everything from graphic content design and output to copywriting and scheduling. Managing your social pages and implementing strategies to propel your voice.


Omni Lab deals with a wide range of creative services in Hong Kong. Including web design, branding, wedding invitations, flyer design, booth designs and neon lights to make your brand shine bright.


At the lab, our team likes to make noise... and a lot of it at that.  Whether you're looking for something short and sweet for a podcast or something melodic and emotive for a documentary, we aim to strike a chord with your audience


With a specialty of ours being in deck design, we pride ourselves in creating full presentation, pitch and investment decks for our clients from scratch. Theres no better feeling than helping you secure a deal, land a project or get the funding you deserve.

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Worth a thousand words, speak through imagery and captivate your audience with photographs that resonate with you and your customers but most importantly- make you proud.


With decades of experience in the field of journalism, writing articles, resumés, biographies, social media content and beyond. Our team at Omni are word smiths ready to chisel and forge some exciting wordplay.


With experience in fashion and jewellery manufacturing and production. From an idea to a physical piece on your body, we love creating wearable products. From branded school and charity t-shirts to barre socks and even custom fine jewellery.


Omni Lab offers more than just digital creations but also production and distribution. If you're looking to rebrand your packaging or designs for your exhibition booth, Omni is your one-stop shop.

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