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Omni Lab deals with design and a wide range of creative services in Hong Kong. We are here to help you tell your story, whether it’s through branding and web development, or photography,  graphic and sound design. Email Omni Lab at



Sexual health

A collection of slides intended for internal and external use. Pitch slides and also strategies for various uses.


A collection of slides intended for internal and external use. Focusing on operations and pitches for various forms of technology with a emphasis on data, marketing and entertainment.

Content Slides

A series of slides for branded content for various uses. Intended for mental health, equality and female empowerment.

AR Visualization

Focusing on AR technology and the strategies and workflow of apps. Showing the possbilites and capabilities in using AR for entertainment, education, efficiency more.


A short series on the beauty and effectiveness in simplicity. From our own deck. 


A series of slides to do with people, their words and their achievements.

Stats + Strategy

Numbers and figures for presentations and research.

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